The Premier Difference


Our employees live where we operate. At Premier we are committed to realizing meaningful and long-term benefits for all stakeholders. That is why we have established a sustainability strategy with goals that focus on three key elements: Our People, Environment, and Community. These areas represent significant opportunities for Premier and our communities to realize meaningful and long-term benefits.



Our People

The talented and committed employees of Premier are the backbone of the Company and will be the future catalysts for growth for years to come. As such, Premier strives to promote a healthy and exciting workplace, a place that our employees are proud to be a part of.




Premier is vitally interested in the health and safety of its employees and is committed to promoting a safe workplace for all employees, contractors, customers and visitors. In pursuit of this commitment, the Company has developed health and safety policies and practices and ensures that collaboration and training result in a safe place to work.


Growth Within

Premier recognizes the value of organic growth, not only on the asset level, but also within the Company. Actively fostering and challenging employees to think creatively and to generate ideas of how to grow Premier for years to come. After all, these people could become the future leaders of this Company.




Our goal is to minimize our footprint and safeguard the environment for future generations. Responsible environmental management is central to our goal of becoming a leading gold mining company.



In order to assist in the development of sustainable prosperity, our project sites and mines are actively involved in initiatives to better the communities in which we operate. Sponsoring initiatives that are designed to promote education, as well as providing support for research relevant to the mining industry are core values.





Premier Gold recognizes the need to engage and build lasting relationships with communities located near our active project areas, seizing the opportunity to create positive and transparent relationships that build trust, confidence and stronger, healthier communities.



Mineral exploration and mine development is a capital intensive business that requires an ability to recognize and pursue opportunities. There is also a need to manage and minimize our shareholder’s exposure to potential risk. Premier accomplishes this, in part, by building relationships with peer companies and engaging “best-in-class” contractors and consultants whose values and abilities are aligned with, and complement, our own. 


Partners in Charities

Premier Gold is proud to support organizations and charities who have a positive and meanigful impact on our communities. Often, these organizations survive solely from the efforts of those who volunteer their time in the hopes of enriching our lives. Premier wishes to recognize these organizations and hope you take some time to learn about the unique contribution they make to our economy.