Geology & Mineralization

The South Arturo Property is located within the northern Carlin trend of gold deposits that includes Barrick’s Goldstrike and Meikle mines. Geologic units include Paleozoic bedrock of the western siliceous, volcanic assemblage andthe eastern carbonate assemblage, Cretaceous through Tertiaryintrusive rocks, Tertiary sedimentary and tuffaceous sedimentary rocks and Quaternary fanglomerates and alluvial deposits.

The South Arturo gold deposit is the northern most known economic gold mineralization on the greater Carlin trend. This deposit is strongly related to Barrick’s Goldstrike and Meikle deposits by showing similar structural and host rock attributes. The Silurian-Devonian Bootstrap limestone is the dominant gold host where high permeability was created by karsting during a worldwide sea level low stand. Eastward thrusting during the Ordovician (Roberts Mountain Trust) emplaced the Vinini deep seasiliciclastics as a cap rock over the carbonate platform. Long-lived,multiphase gold-bearing hydrothermal activity during the Eocene wasflowed laterally along the base of Roberts Mountain Thrust through Bootstrap-hosted karst permeability. These hydrothermal events created high-grade gold within silicic collapse breccia bodies along the crest of the anticline. Post-mineralization normal faulting to the west and east flanks of the anticline has since occurred and now defines South Arturo as a regional horst block.