Geology & Mineralization

The Rahill-Bonanza Property is located in the Red Lake Greenstone Belt (RLGB), an Archean-aged greenstone belt within the Uchi Sub-province of the Superior Structural Province. The oldest volcanic rocks,and economically most important, are tholeiitic to komatiitic basalts making upthe Balmer Assemblage. This extensive mafic to ultramafic lithology isestimated to be some 2,900 million years old and underlies the central and eastern portions of the belt.

The RLGB is east-west trending and consists predominantly of steeply dipping panels of volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The RLGB displays evidence of at least two major episodes of extensive deformation, interpreted to be closely linked to hydrothermal activity and gold mineralization.

At Rahill-Bonanza, the known gold deposits reside proximal to the Balmer-Confederation regional unconformity. These known deposits include the West Granodiorite Zone, Wilmar Deposit, PG70 Zone and Bonanza deposit. Gold mineralization at Rahill-Bonanza is an example of classic quartz lode gold deposits, associated with silicification(quartz flooding) accompanied by 2% to 5% fine-grained pyrite, arsenopyrite andpyrrhotite. Incipient carbonatization is pervasive.

All known deposits at Rahill-Bonanza are open at depth,representing highly attractive exploration targets.