Land, Tenure and History

The Hasaga Property is comprised of 677 hectares hectares of patented mineral claims located some 450 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario and 1350 kilometres northwest of Toronto.

The Red Lake District has a rich and well-documented mineral exploration history. After the 1924 release of a Canadian Geological Survey report, a gold rush ensued that brought some 3,000 prospectors to the area. By 1930, gold production from the adjacent Howey Mine began. At the height of the gold rush, in 1937, Red Lake was documented to have the busiest airport in the world.

The most recent cycle of major discoveries began in 1995 with Goldcorp’s High Grade Zone at Balmertown, just north of the Hasaga Property at Balmertown. The Hasaga Property has been largely excluded from the activity of this recent cycle, which has focussed on the significantly higher grades found in the eastern portion of the belt.

Significant gold discoveries near surface at deposits traditionally mined as underground operations, such as at Premier’s Hardrock Project near Geraldton, provide renewed excitement that exploration at Hasaga can be successful in the 21st century.

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