Premier Gold Mines Ltd. – “WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!”

September 8th, 2015
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Premier Gold Mines Limited (TSX-PG) is pleased to announce today that it has launched a new website ( that reflects its commitment to increasing the level of accessibility and transparency of the Company and its activities in a manner that is rich in graphics and visually interesting.

“In communicating on the web, people around the world have migrated from using primarily desktop and laptop computers to now being increasingly mobile [device] dominated,” commented Ewan Downie, President & CEO of Premier on its inaugural C-Suite Blog ( ) entry. “Our website redesign has concentrated on both simplifying and enhancing the user experience from this perspective.”

In addition to the C-Suite Blog, the user will find a very clean and organized Investor Relations section called “YOU THE INVESTOR” and a comprehensive “OUR PROPERTIES” area including links to all relevant technical reports. For the potential investor, perhaps new to the sector, our GOLD 101 & MINING 101 segment provides an introduction to our business, as well as a “terminology” link and a table of conversions and abbreviations.

Premier Gold Mines Limited is one of North America’s leading exploration and development companies with a high-quality pipeline of gold projects focused in proven, safe and accessible mining jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. The Company is well financed with approximately $80 million in cash and investments and a portfolio of advanced-stage assets in world class gold mining districts such as Red Lake and Geraldton in Ontario and the most prolific gold trends in Nevada.

For further information, please contact:

Ewan Downie, President & CEO
Phone: 807-346-1390
Fax: 807-346-1381
Web Site:

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