Thoughts from John Begeman...

by John Begeman


This is the first opportunity I have taken to participate on our C-Suite Blog.

Today Premier released an update of highlight results from our various programs in 2015 and is also providing initial guidance with respect to activity and expectations in 2016. I find this time of year is always particularly exciting. After the usual short break that comes with the holiday season, this time of year always begins with a positive re-invigorated outlook.

We at Premier regard 2015 as a successful and transformational year that resulted in significant agreements, new partnerships, exploration success and value creation for all shareholders. This is an opportune time to recognize the significant contribution that has been made by our project teams and support personnel in Ontario and Nevada. I am proud of the efforts of the entire Premier team. So often, success comes as a result of the efforts of those whose work behind the scenes may not be obvious to many. We value the commitment our teams and their families have made, and appreciate the support we get from the communities and partners we conduct business with.

We begin the year in a solid financial position that will see active exploration and development programs at five Company projects located in some of the world’s most favourable mining jurisdictions. Considering the difficult market conditions, this is an enviable position to be in and we recognize the need to spend our dollars wisely. We anticipate either updating or establishing initial mineral resource estimates on several of our projects. At both McCoy-Cove and Hasaga we will be conducting important metallurgical characterization of mineralization encountered during the last twelve months. We also expect to conduct initial evaluations on potentially new opportunities proximal to our existing projects and some further afield. This is the kind of “behind the scenes” work that is ongoing with higher profile activities such as new mine production, exploration discoveries and feasibility studies, but ultimately contributes to our success.

A New Year’s resolution? Sure, why not.

I pledge that 2016 will be a year where, although we are transitioning into a producer, we will not lose our exploration pedigree and never forget to put the shareholder first.