Thoughts from Ewan Downie...

by Ewan Downie


Milestones are very important to me as they serve as an opportunity to reflect on the past and contemplate the future. Almost ten years to the day, Premier’s shares were listed for trading on the TSX Exchange. It is with great pride that we have celebrated this landmark event with the Company’s first ever gold pour. The past ten years have seen Premier navigate through a myriad of market conditions that have been both a catalyst for growth and a minefield of risk. We have seen many peer companies fall victim to bad timing, aggressive planning and inadequate technical evaluation. The marketplace has been unforgiving. Our guiding light has always been our focus on PROVEN MANAGEMENT, WORLD-CLASS DISTRICTS, SAFE JURISDICTIONS and SENSIBLE PARTNERSHIPS. They have served us well.

Looking to the future, Premier has a vision to transform from explorer to mid-tier producer operating in world-class mining jurisdictions. We are well on our way to achieving that goal. South Arturo, the recently announced acquisition of the Mercedes Mine, and advancing our best-in-class project portfolio will ensure this vision is realized in the coming years.

We are feeling better about the state of the market today than we have at any time since late 2012. The price of gold is being talked about in a positive light for the first time in several years. Worldwide gold production is falling, world class discoveries are being made less frequently and central banks are adhering to low interest rate policies. Many believe the table is being set for the next bull market.

We cannot be certain when that day will arrive, but one thing is for certain……when it does arrive, we will be ready for it. So much of the “behind the scenes” activity at Premier is in preparation for the future.

We look forward to sharing our next milestone with you soon.