Thoughts from Ewan Downie…..

by Ewan Downie


As the end of November approaches, we realize just how quickly the year has passed. While our exploration programs are still very active in Ontario and Nevada, we have spent a considerable amount of time recently planning for 2016.

Our largest exploration program in 2015 has been conducted at Hasaga, where we will complete some 60,000 metres of drilling on the Central Zone, Hasaga Porphyry and other exploration targets. We anticipate winding our drilling down in mid-December and spend the final few weeks of the month integrating outstanding assays into our database. Before drilling begins in 2016, we will revise our litho-structural and block models, while also resetting our expectations for the coming year.

We have selectively taken advantage of opportunities to enhance our property portfolio in 2015, and in an earlier blog described why the original Hasaga transaction made sense to us. Today we have announced a property acquisition from Pure Gold Mining Inc. which increases the Hasaga Property by some 500-hectares to about 1200-hectares in size. This latest property acquisition is consistent with our strategy to acquire prospective assets in mine-friendly jurisdictions with proximity to infrastructure. As the footprint of near surface mineralization expands at both the Central Zone and Hasaga Porphyry targets, increasing the size of our land position simply makes sense. This transaction strengthens our project portfolio by increasing our land exposure in an existing project area, and signals our satisfaction with results coming from the 2015 exploration program at Hasaga.

The Red Lake District remains a core portfolio holding to us. Our assets in Nevada will generate our first gold production in 2016. Work on the Feasibility Study at Trans-Canada continues with the Greenstone Gold Mines team.

We sometimes hear that the Premier story is complicated by a lot of “moving parts.” In 2015, these parts have been moving us in the right direction. We are focussed on ensuring that trajectory continues.