Thoughts from Chad Peters...

by Chad Peters


We are roughly half-way through our 2016 drilling program and the results continue to impress! The CSD Gap is characterized by high grade intercepts with exceptional continuity as we infill the Gap horizon towards the Helen Zone to the northwest. Our team is hopeful this run of solid results will continue. In an effort to improve our chances, Premier geologists are stacking the deck a little bit in our favour by utilizing oriented core tooling for both of our drill rigs. The orientation tool is a two-piece unit which includes a receiver threaded onto the drill’s existing core tube, which is then paired with a digital controller operated by the drill crew at surface. The result is a highly accurate method of recording the true orientation of the core sample while it’s being drilled. This allows our geologists to document the exact strike and dip of any structure, bedding plane or linear feature noted during the logging process. As a result, our ability to interpret structural variations in the geologic model has increased dramatically as well as improved targeting efforts across the deposit.

The photo in the link below shows geologist Wilson Bonner taking a measurement off the orientation line on the drill core (click here). As our geologic model continues to evolve, the oriented data will remain an important component of our structural interpretation. The remainder of the 2016 program will consist of additional core holes to broadly infill the remaining CSD Gap area and further test the geometry of this rapidly growing deposit.