Thoughts from Stephen McGibbon...

by Stephen McGibbon


Our update on the Helen – CSD drill program released some pretty exciting drill intercepts today. The continued success from drilling in our current program demonstrates the potential to delineate significant high grade gold and silver mineralization at McCoy-Cove. We hope it is just an indication of what is to come over the summer season.Sometimes, however, the most exciting part of an exploration program is what goes on behind the scenes and McCoy-Cove is no exception.

When we purchased the McCoy portion of the property from Newmont Mining a few years ago, a considerable portion of the property dataset existed in paper form only. Our team (click here) has been working steadily on a detailed compilation to ensure the entire dataset is being migrated over to a digital mirror of the paper copy; we are about one month away from that job being complete and are already using the updated dataset to aid in 3D modeling and targeting activities.Management continues to view the McCoy-Cove Property as a cornerstone asset within the Company’s portfolio and is aggressively pursuing multiple potential development options. This cannot be accomplished without first having confidence in the data you are working with.This is one area of our business that we need to continually strive to do better.

The press release also discusses exciting developments in our new litho-structural model. We are really using it as a means of consolidating data from both our historic and current datasets into a unified geologic model that continues to drive our delineation and exploration activities property-wide.The original Helen Zone mineral resource estimate (completed by previous owners) was based on a plunging “celery-stick” model that was completely detached from any relevance to the geological architecture of the property. The current model recognizes that both the McCoy and Cove antiforms as well as subsequent deposits exist as a result of a regional thrust fault-propagation folding event.Our technical team is confident that undiscovered thrust faults still exist on the property and will use a combination of field mapping, historic drill data and geophysical surveys to locate these structures and define future exploration targets.

Good data often leads to exceptional results.Working behind the scene to be at the forefront of success!