Building a Mining Business


At Premier, we seek to generate superior returns for our shareholders by identifying and investing in precious metals exploration and mining opportunities with the potential to create significant value. 


We focus on operations in world-class mining districts in North America, growing a portfolio of projects within some of the world’s most sought-after gold camps.  We also foster sensible partnerships that allow for asset diversification and the ability to leverage the experience of peer companies.



Why Invest in Premier? 



Growing Production

Premier is advancing a portfolio of exploration, development and production assets. This exposure to an attractive organic growth pipeline will set the stage for sustained growth for years to come. During 2019, we anticipate the development of two mines at the South Arturo Property (El Nino & Phase 1 open pit) as well as the advancement of permits that will allow for the development of two advanced exploration projects (Cove & Hardrock).


Growing Reserves & Resources

Premier recognizes one key for long-term success is the replacement and growth of mineral reserves and resources. We diligently work towards replacing and growing our current mineral reserves each year and are positioning our portfolio to continue this years from now. As such, identifying prospective and value accretive opportunities will always be a driver in our business model.


Growing Cash flow

Executing on growing a profitable and sustainable production profile will ensure a strong future for the Company with long-term cash flow for the benefit of our shareholders.               






Capital Structure

As of February 1, 2019 


Share I/O









Share Price






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